Hollie Gow


Brian is an excellent trainer! Brian is disciplined, motivated, and cares about his clients. He ensures that his clients are staying committed to training and reaching their goals. He's committed to his personal goals of a healthy and fit lifestyle and he sets the example. Personally, Brian has helped me to achieve my weight loss goal of 30 lbs. Thanks to his constant inspiration, I feel great, look great, and am more disciplined and motivated to create new healthy lifestyle.

Ronnie Young

Brian is a great trainer that knows when to be patient and when to push you. He is bringing me to the maximum potential and he genuinely cares about each of his clients. I would recommend Brian to anyone that's looking to look and feel better thru workouts. He is the best and you won't be disappointed.

Nicole Sanon

I wanted to thank my trainer for always pushing me and helping to transform my appearance. He is an awesome trainer and I don't think I will ever be able to be without. Best trainer ever. Second son.

Ena Montiel


Brian is a great personal trainer. He helped me meet and surpass my weight loss goal. He is dedicated and passionate and will help shape you into the best you.

Nadyine Lambert

I have been working out with Brian for almost two years and it is the first time that I have ever enjoyed training in a gym. I really enjoy my sessions and I am impressed with how knowledgeable and effective he is. I have lost weight and gained lean muscle mass by working out with Brian. I am definitely seeing a difference which is exactly what I wanted. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a trainer.

Maria Caamano


I first came to Brian with previous injuries from another trainer. Witjin two weeks I felt the difference. I started twice a week and I enjoy my sessions with Brian, so much that I have increased them to one hour sessions, five days a week. There is a significant change in my body, my attitude toward my training and my endurance. I am doing activities again that I have not done in years but, most importantly, his calm and gentle approach made training with an expert of his caliber a lot of fun and less scary. He is helping me to achieve my goal safely and effortlessly.

Susana Agurcia

Brian is awesome to work with and honestly an answered prayer. I started my weight loss journey 10 months ago with the purpose of improving my health. Tired of doing fed diets with cardio just to loose and gain the weight back. Until I met Brian!! He has been there every step of the way during this journey. Brian always checks in on me, follows my meals on MyFitnessPal and always provides good tips. He instructed me on exercises that I can do at home when I'm on the go and visit to the gym is not possible. His routines are always changing so, I never get bored. If you need a personal trainer that puts his heart and soul into changing your health call Brian.